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Carl Oscar


Carl Oscaris a Swedish company that was established in 2007 by a married couple. The idea of ​​her appearance came to her husband and wife during a trip with a child in the car. That day, the little Carl sitting in the car seat shed the juice from the bag on himself and the parents had the idea of ​​developing a special juicer-holder that did not allow a drop of liquid to spill out. 


The company was named after the sons of Niklas and Annika - Karl and Oscar. Today, the company produces travel goods that allow you to eat and drink on the go. Products Carl Oscaris functional and attractive design. It can be bought in many countries of Europe.

Enjoy each day! Simplify everyday life. Carl Oscar's dining and beverage related products offer smart solutions for children and adults that free you from daily fussing. Enjoy more time with your family - with fresh, new designs along the way! 

Good design, functionality and high quality are the common denominator of our products. The products should bring joy and be a pleasure to look at, use and own. All products are delivered in stylish and informative packaging.

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Afbeeldingen van Carl Oscar : N Ice Box Kids - Spider Grey
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