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Hey Popinjay

Hey Popinjay! - Intensive colors and unusual style inspired by nature, distinguish clothes for children created in response to predictable offer of children market. Hey Popinjay is the brand that wins hearts not only by its original style, comfort and quality but also by organic and ecological fabric.

When the child appears in the family for the very first time, quite often big ideas are born together. That is the way the whole Hey Popinjay venture started.

Small Rita has inspired her creative mom to design unique clothes, so hard to find on the Polish market. That is how the first collection of awesomely printed garments for babies was created.

The brand introduces outstanding floral patterns and vibrant exotic motives – patterns not necessarily childlike though perfectly suitable for cheerful and colourful world of children.

Hey Popinjay!’s baby-wear is distinguished by its high quality fabrics and comfort. Each and every item is made from organic and eco-friendly textiles of Polish Producers with GOTS certification and Oeko Tex Standard 100.

The inspiration for illustrations comes from the nature and therefore the clothes are distinguished by saturation, colours and unique patters. Picturesque prints presented on the fabric have been created by Olka Osadzińska, a famous and respected artist/illustrator in Poland and all over the world, and by a gifted artist and a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk Jagodę JAGO.

The brand offers clothes for both babies and older children up to 8 years.

Hey Popinjay!’s designs are mainly available for babies, however as interest in the collections is steadily growing, the brand is broadening the offer with clothes for children up to 8 years old. In the future they plan to launch the collection for adults too.

That is the celebration of individuality and style that inspired Hey Popinjay! Colourful and unique designs of the brand win hearts of mums who want their kids to stand out in a crowd.

As a real popinjay does!

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