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MomK Baby

Who is behind momkbaby? 
Sisters, who love little people's fashion. We love simple designs, and ethically made products. 
- Eve and Liz 

Why Momkbaby shoes?

Momkbaby has develop a very unique and original design, the one and only lace up fabric with elastic hidden on the ankle. This is our feature design and it is based on my own experience as mother (Eve) who has an active little boy and wanted to create something different than the classic booties.

Soft sole shoe is great for babies, especially pre-walkers. You do not want them to wear heavy shoes as it is important for them to be able to feel the floor without being flip floppy. Despite of looking good, it is also has great benefits! How awesome is that? Plus this baby shoe is mostly made from breathable cotton and beautifully lined too. 

Soling for size 1-3 are faux suede; which gives a natural grip to the floor. Soling for size 4-6 are (we called it) the perfect non-slip sole; it is non-toxic, cold and heat proof, waterproof, and rubberized. Trust me.. it is the perfect one :) I have been looking up and down for the perfect one, and here it is.

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