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Wigiwama brand was founded in 2015 while raising our kids together. We started off by creating teepees for the kids and now our product range has expended to  beanbags, play mats and canopies - anything you can imagine to create a playful interior in your children's room.

Wigiwama is a great way for us to live the fantasy and childhood with our kids while being able to offer quality products to other families. Our overall design focus is on creating playful interior items, while using enduring material quality and mindful production with respect to the future generations.

We aim to create fun space with our products to allow our kids to be kids with the balance of style, trends and use of natural and bold materials.

Wigiwama products are produced locally in our own homelike factory. We carefully select our suppliers and manage all the processes behind starting from scratch of the product to its final destination to the client. 

Wigiwama range is designed and produced with our number one customer in mind - KIDS!  

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