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Wishbone Bike

The story of Wishbone Design Studio began in 2005 when Noah was one and Lulu was born.
We were four bewildered Kiwis, living in New York City.

Rich designed and built the first Wishbone Bike prototypes in our NY bathroom. Since then, he’s moved on a bit. From the bathroom in New York, to a garage in Wellington, to the studio – which is actually just a groovy old shed squeezed between a bookbinder, a carpet seller and a windmill-maker two doors down.

These days folk are buying our bike on both sides of the Atlantic, the Pacific – and the Equator!  That makes us pretty happy.

All the good vibe has inspired Rich to design some other great stuff too. That’s what he’s doing in the photo at the top. I’m overseeing.  That’s what I do.

Happy Riding,

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